Now coming into our 5th year, we have had a lot of experience in trying and testing paddle boards. There are so many on the market now, it is hard to decide where to start in your search. I teach on open water (the sea) and closed water (rivers) so it is important to use versatile boards, that are designed and constructed to stand the test of time, in the ever changing environment (sun, salt, cold etc). Other factors to consider are weight, length, width, what conditions you are planning to use them in and the type of SUPping you want to use it for.

Fear not - We are here to help!


After years of experience, we now only use one brand of board for teaching:

Jurassic SUP & Fitness Ltd and Sandbanks Style Paddle Boards have teamed up to offer you the perfect solution. Jurassic SUP & Fitness Ltd is here to help advise, and talk you through the type of board you might want to consider, from the huge portfolio of boards that Sandbanks Style have to offer. Both companies offer the same purchase price, but should you buy via Jurassic SUP & Fitness Ltd, we are offering a free hours lesson to help learn how to manage your kit, use it safely and help advance your skills

Sandbanks Style is a small family run business based in Dorset. By partnering with industry experts and the companies who supply leading brands with the finest materials, they have set up a company with very low overheads, and therefore have managed to maintain a very competitive price point. Reviews of the boards speak for themselves, and they consistently get close to perfect scores from the paddle boarding community and press. Excellent quality, design, price point, warranty and customer service make these boards stand out head and shoulders against their competition in the paddle board market

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Wave Blue



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T-shirts £13

Hoodies £35


We spend a lot of time on the beach doing beach cleans and foraging. The Jurassic Coast is famous for its fossils, but the beach is also strewn with glass fragments. In the quieter months, we have started creating some small works of art, which have proved popular with locals. As a result, we have decided to start selling these with part of the proceeds being donated to local charities such as The RNLI and Coastguard.

Please get in touch if you are looking for something more bespoke, or using fossils you have found, or other resin mounting requirements and jewelry repair

10cm x 10cm shadow fossil frame £12

Set of 3 £30

5 x 7 inch shadow glass art frame £40

18cm x 35cm shadow glass art fossil resin frame £60

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